Founded in January 2010 by Core Autonomy technical team.




Large scale unstructured data projects including Search, Machine Learning and Analytics.




Self funded and profitable since inception.



International Reach

London based but operate globally.

The Story

When Norse explorers set out in their longboats to discover new land, they would sometimes take a few ravens with them. The raven is a land-based bird, so after one is released it would ascend to great altitude, but always return to the boat if there was no land in sight. If the raven spots land however, it would set its course for it and guide the explorers to new land. This is how the first settlers navigated to Iceland.

We are the ravens of the information technology industry, the RAVN. Guiding our clients to their destination in the ever expanding sea of information through state-of-the-art technology to automatically organise, discover and summarise your data.


About RAVN

RAVN Systems has extremely broad and deep experience with Unstructured Data Processing and offers revolutionary, cognitive computing and search-based solutions for any information intensive vertical. RAVN expertise and solutions deliver long-term value, competitive advantages and helps manage and mitigate risk through surfacing and harnessing the information contained within unstructured data.

RAVN are an established provider of cognitive computing and search-based solutions and consultancy. Their team of experts are made up of over 70% computer science and engineering professionals. RAVN’s revolutionary & award winning technology is setting the pace of the market and truly transforming organisations across the globe.

Power of Understanding

Organise, discover and summarise the entire sea of data within your organisation. By doing so this allows you to separate out the useful and valuable in any given context from the not so useful, giving you the power of understanding. Moreover, it does so in real-time, it establishes and exposes both explicit and implicit relationships between (for example) objects, people, events and customers and it also has the ability to remember your preferences and interests as well as learning to push relevant material to you without you even having to ask.

Give your organisation the Power of Understanding by introducing structure to the chaos and by doing so to be more efficient, spot opportunities before your competitors, leverage what you perhaps didn’t know was existing knowledge in the Enterprise and of course, keep abreast of regulatory and compliance changes.

Enterprise-Level Development

RAVN’s product development is driven by vast experience with high profile client interactions and technically challenging implementations. We realised that the industry is missing next generation products and tools that can cope with the changing environment that Enterprises are facing. In response to this RAVN Systems developed several products:

Connect Enterprise

Advanced Enterprise Search.



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Connect for Microsoft SharePoint Search

Enhancing your Microsoft SharePoint Search.


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Revolutionising the ingestion chain.


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Monitoring the health of your Enterprise Search solution.


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Advance your browser-based viewing.


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Browser-based analytics.

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Mitigate risk and storage costs with semantic Enterprise information governance.

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Automatically distil key information from documents, adding structure to otherwise unstructured data sets.

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In addition to product development, RAVN provides consulting services for Enterprise Information Management projects. Experience with implementing projects at the largest Enterprises around the world makes RAVN’s consultants among the foremost specialists in the Enterprise Search market. RAVN offers consultancy services at strategic, technical and project implementation levels.

corporate overview

RAVN Corporate Overview Brochure

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