Our revolutionary Artificial Intelligence and Enterprise Search solutions apply our Power of Understanding approach to create structure, make sense of and gain value and competitive advantage from the explosive growth in unstructured information, including documents, emails, multimedia and social media for corporate law departments.

Artificial Intelligence:


A cutting-edge AI solution to find personal data and present it back in a meaningful and manageable way that helps prepare for GDPR and beyond: Data Auditing, Subject Access Requests
and Contract Review and Analytics

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Extract Bespoke

RAVN Extract uses Artificial Intelligence technology to automatically read, extract and summarise information from legal documents, like a human would do but much faster and eradicating human error. RAVN Extract can be configured to meet your legal department’s needs.

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Extract for Contract Analysis

General Counsel may have the need to perform legal work that involves reviewing thousands of contracts, often to establish their exposure to changes in legislation. It is essential to enhance visibility of contract terms through Artificial Intelligence to respond to these changes.

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