Our revolutionary Artificial Intelligence and Enterprise Search solutions apply our Power of Understanding approach to create structure, make sense of and gain value and competitive advantage from the explosive growth in unstructured information, including documents, emails, multimedia and social media for the finance industry.

Artificial Intelligence:

Predict for Cost Projection

Artificial Intelligence to predict costs of projects allowing organisations to consistently be able to improve the accuracy of cost estimates over time, leading to a reduction in write-offs. The overall effect will be an increase in an organisation’s profitability.

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A cutting-edge AI solution to find personal data and present it back in a meaningful and manageable way that helps prepare for GDPR and beyond: Data Auditing, Subject Access Requests
and Contract Review and Analytics

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Extract for Due Diligence

Financial Institutions are often required to provide due diligence checks and recommendations on their contracts but face the challenge of doing this manually to tight deadlines whist ensuring accuracy. Financial Institutions are now looking to Artificial intelligence to improve this process.

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RAVN Refine allows financial institutions to automatically categorise data into clear scopes and refinements and to apply appropriate policies for retention, disposal of dark data and duplicates as well as other controls for such considerations as sensitivity control.

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Extract for ISDA CSAs

In response to increasing regulatory requirements, banks and other participants in the OTC derivatives market need to improve their ability to manage counterparty exposures and the corresponding collateral obligations.

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Enterprise Search:

Connect for SharePoint

RAVN Connect for Microsoft SharePoint extends the capabilities of SharePoint Search beyond the Microsoft ecosystem, provides an innovative solution to large or distributed architectures and delivers better search results, an improved user experience and a platform for building real-world Search applications.

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Connect Enterprise

RAVN Connect Enterprise is an innovative approach to capturing, finding, managing and collaborating on your financial institution’s hard won knowledge and expertise, leveraging the capability to navigate links between knowledge types across the enterprise. It can learn from behaviour and establish explicit and implicit links between data objects and people.

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Search Infrastructure:


RAVN Manage is an unrivalled tool that manages a financial institution’s applications, especially around Search, Document Management and database driven systems and exposes hidden problems allowing organisations to be more efficient in managing critical search and other applications.

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