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High powered Enterprise Content Management Analytics

RAVN Analytics provides high-powered Enterprise Content Management Analytics to the market. This business intelligence application provides browser-based analytics anyone can use. It is a robust, interactive alternative to the slow-paced method of gathering traditional Enterprise Content Management business intelligence using SQL / SQL Reporting Server and currently supports RAVN Connect, HP IDOL, various Document Management Systems and the Microsoft SharePoint 2013 or 2016 platform.
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Reduce Risk

RAVN Analytics can be a valuable asset in the governance of your corporate knowledge, tracking to ensure it is being correctly consumed and is not being abused or in the worst case, leaking from the business.

Improve the efficiency of search and user experience

RAVN Analytics provides the insight necessary to refine your search infrastructure to ensure users are finding valuable information they need, quickly and efficiently.

Competitive Advantage

By understanding how your employees use the system you can also tailor it in a way that best meets their needs and helps them and the business remain competitive.

Promote Top Users

Identify system adoption and promote individuals who are using the system to the fullest and encourage other users to make the most of the search solution.


RAVN Analytics provides analytics at the document and library level with reporting on content that has been accessed and viewed across the corporate information estate. Additionally in the case of Document Management Systems (DMS) content, RAVN Analytics monitors specific document management activity, such as content that has been checked in and out by users at the Active Directory group level, providing valuable consumption insight. RAVN Analytics also provides usage analytics for website, intranet and extranet sites and can provide automated, periodic reporting to appropriate team leaders.
Uniquely, RAVN Analytics can track search activity of the HP IDOL engine, either in direct search applications of the technology, or more commonly, where it provides the native search capability within system that is underpinned by IDOL.
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RAVN Analytics comes complete with pre-configured multi-dimensional OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) cubes and a user friendly reporting interface. Including tabular and graphical ‘slice and dice’ views, users can also output result sets to Excel or other systems.
Users can create and save regular Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to establish reports on the success (or otherwise) of search terms and results (whether the items are clicked through to or not) cross the Enterprise corpus of content.
RAVN Analytics is also compatible with popular propriety reporting tools such as Tableau and QlikView.
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RAVN Analytics provides an audit capability to monitor business process adoption and compliance and thereby mitigate against common risks to the business, including data loss.
Patterns of adoption across offices can be analysed and where necessary, remedial steps can be taken to improve training on key business systems.
The system will highlight unusual or out of condition events, such as exceptionally high levels of document check outs or perhaps inappropriate consumption of cross functional content.
But should anonymity be a statutory requirement, individuals names can be removed from reports, without losing visibility of individual behaviour patterns.
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In the most successful and broadly adopted Enterprise Search or Search-based systems, the refinement of the search system, its relevance ranking and personalisation for groups or even individuals, has been key.

RAVN Analytics provides the empirical data to drive that process.

For search, RAVN Analytics provides the insight into the specifics of what users are looking for, which allows relevance algorithms to be refined so that content can be targeted more effectively. Organisations can use website or intranet traffic and search data to focus efforts on areas of most popularity or interest, enabling them to expand and update content and improve the Return on Investment (ROI) in the content.

In the context of Knowledge Management, clients have found the solution particularly useful for identifying how (or indeed whether) Know How is being consumed, so content can be refocused as necessary.

In the legal context, Professional Support Lawyers (PSLs) use RAVN Analytics to identify where cross-practice consumption of Know How is occurring, providing the opportunity to provide additional context and support, if required, to the end user. Conversely, the same information can be used to prevent inappropriate and potentially dangerous use or mis-use of domain specific content.

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