RAVN’s Artificial Intelligence platform, RAVN ACE, powers a number of applications to automatically read, interpret and summarise key information from documents and unstructured data.

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Benefits of RAVN’s Applied Cognitive Engine

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Increase Margins

Adoption of Artificial Intelligence can drive improvement in margins from two perspectives; not only by monetising the increased efficiencies yielded but also by cutting administration and storage costs through intelligent legacy data clean-up and other data governance activities.

Mitigates risk

Apply Artificial Intelligence to your data governance tasks, for example to automate the determination of whether business documentation deviates from accepted norms and risk profiles. Similarly, avoid regulatory penalties for non-compliance with data retention policies by intelligently sub-dividing your data into clear categories with appropriate actions. And in both cases reduce the level of mistakes due to human error.

Increase efficiency

Automatically distil key information from your content, minimise the arduous work that would otherwise have to be done manually and get to the added value effort quicker. Employees can then be re-focused on more productive tasks in the business.

    As a trusted adviser and negotiation partner, we wanted to have first hand experience of a leading AI technology so we can advise on how it will change the workplace over the coming years to ensure we’re offering the most appropriate advice to our clients. 
    Ole Møller, Vice President at Djøf
    This technology will bring us a flexible environment that is dedicated to our firm so we can ensure we can look after our clients as efficiently as possible. We chose to collaborate with RAVN as we recognised them as a leading AI provider and wanted their product to be part of the firm’s portfolio. 
    Santiago Gómez Sancha, ICT Director at Uría Menéndez
    For our lawyers, time is very precious and we needed a fast, reliable and accurate search engine that was easily integrated into our existing systems. The team at RAVN proved they could tick all the boxes we required. 
    Flavio Romerio, Partner at Homburger
    The software will read, interpret and extract key provisions from a client’s property lease agreements. This approach is a great supplement to manually laborious processes, and a stand-alone device in relation to certain standardized agreements and will mitigate risk from human errors and inconsistencies. SVW is happy to continue the collaboration with RAVN to further improve the SVW real estate robot. 
    Peter Van Dam, Knowledge and IT Manager at Simonsen Vogt Wiig
    Garrigues are always looking for innovative ways to ensure we are providing the most efficient service to our clients. We chose to work with RAVN as they are leaders in the industry and able to deliver on both our current and future plans. 
    César Mejias, IT Director at Garrigues
    RAVN ACE robot is 10 million times quicker than the manual labour it replaced
    Matthew Whalley, Head of Legal Risk Consultancy, BLP, Legal Futures Event Quote
    Our 'contract robot' can now finish in less than two seconds work which would have taken a team of people 100 days to complete.
    Matthew Whalley, Head of Legal Risk Consultancy at BLP
    RAVN were very good at adapting a technical product and speaking about it in a non-technical way. We explained the problems we were facing and they offered a solution and explained it in an easy-to-understand and user friendly way.
    Victoria Blanchard, Consultant at Berwin Leighton Paisner
    RAVN ACE is the most exciting new development we’ve seen for several years…a true next generation system
    Independent Legal IT Consultant at Inside Legal IT event

Get more from your documents and unstructured data

Too much time is spent and too many opportunities are lost due not having relevant information to hand. You need the right information, at the right time, in the right place. The era of simply searching for and finding documents has passed, you need to be able to extract and distil the information held from within documents. This is where RAVN’s Applied Cognitive Engine (RAVN ACE) comes in.

Evolution Cognitive Computing Technology

What is RAVN ACE?

Once you’ve found the documents you’ve been searching for you need to retrieve specific information from those documents and unstructured data. ACE allows you to take the next leap in information retrieval – Instead of manually having to sift through all of the information, RAVN ACE can do it automatically. ACE uses artificial intelligence to automatically read, extract and summarise information held within documents. Just like humans do but much faster and more accurately. It leaves you to focus on interpreting the output.
RAVN ACE is either hosted or on-premise and allows you to handle more data, more complex tasks and larger cases in less time.
Ace Cognitive Computing

Why do I need RAVN ACE?

Organisations are facing a rise in unstructured data and according to IDC the volume of corporate held data will be 44 ZB by 2020. This unstoppable growth is causing several problems for organisations:

  • Finding the relevant information and culling out the irrelevant data
  • Deviating from policies regarding data retention and data loss prevention
  • Lack of time and resource to interpret mountains of documents
  • Lost opportunities due to lack of relevant information
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Who can benefit from RAVN ACE?

ACE is not narrowly focused on a single area of expertise, but it can be used in multiple strands of business and be truly multipurpose too.
The use cases for RAVN ACE are virtually unlimited; whether you are a law firm, financial services company or any other business that needs to deal with huge stacks of unstructured data – RAVN ACE can help you!


Examples of how RAVN ACE can help:


Corporations with high volumes of contracts: Take control and distil key information from unstructured data in contracts and extract this data into your desired output.


Real Estate Firms: Automatically extract key information from property deeds into a client database.


Law Firms: Matters and cases that have previously involved either Legal Process Outsourcing companies and/or large amounts of manual review can now be done with RAVN ACE. See the filmed case study on how RAVN transformed the way BLP work here.

RAVN ACE Solutions:

RAVN Extract

Automatic Content Summarisation and Extraction

RAVN Extract uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically read, interpret and distil key information from documents and unstructured data into a desired business output. It enables organisations to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, mitigate risk by eradicating human error, as well as increasing staff morale.

RAVN Refine

Automatic Data Categorisation & Management

Discovery and Records Management in Place of your entire electronic document estate. RAVN Refine allows you to intelligently sub-divide your data into clear scopes and refinements and to apply appropriate policies for retention, disposal and other controls for such considerations as sensitivity control.

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RAVN Connect Enterprise

Advanced Enterprise Search

RAVN Connect Enterprise is an innovative approach to capturing, finding, managing and collaborating on your organisation’s hard won knowledge and experience, leveraging the capability to navigate links between knowledge types across the enterprise. It can learn from behaviour and establish explicit and implicit links between data objects and people.

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The Applied Cognitive Engine is built on the foundations of the RAVN Core universal data access platform. It is able to connect to the information in all your on- and off-site hosted information systems, including file systems, document management systems, CRM, finance, Intranet and so on.

The RAVN Applied Cognitive Engine delivers state of the art information processing, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and semantic technologies on top of our powerful platform.

Adopting a modular approach, the different business solutions plug in on top of the RAVN Applied Cognitive Engine.

Safe and Secure

Security of Enterprise content is a vital consideration. The embedded RAVN Security Server provides a unified, trans-repository security model which respects the security credentials of all Enterprise content, whatever methodologies are in use.

This highly efficient approach eliminates the need for re-indexing should content or user permissions change, ensuring the right content is served only to the right people, without delay or risk.

Watch our Case Study on BLP’s use of RAVN ACE

See how RAVN ACE has benefited Berwin Leighton Paisner in terms of increasing efficiencies, mitigating risk, cutting costs as well as increasing staff morale.


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