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RAVN Connect for Microsoft SharePoint extends the capabilities of SharePoint Search beyond the Microsoft ecosystem, provides an innovative solution to large or distributed architectures and delivers better search results, an improved user experience and a platform for building real-world Search applications.
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The highly extensible and flexible RAVN Pipeline component allows any content to be included within the Microsoft SharePoint index. It can also be deployed in multiple remote locations, which along with its Microsoft SharePoint receiver component allows remote content to be just as easily ingested and made discoverable, supporting the whole philosophy of the adoption of Microsoft SharePoint Search as an Enterprise-wide repository of information and knowledge.

Saves Review Time

The RAVN Preview component within RAVN Connect for SharePoint converts a full range of document formats to HTML, eliminating the need to launch the native application to review a search result, supporting asynchronous loading of content and hence saving considerable review time. Again when deployed on a distributed environment in conjunction with remote Pipeline elements, not only is remote content discoverable from within Microsoft SharePoint Search, it can be previewed seamlessly with Microsoft SharePoint content, despite not actually residing in Microsoft SharePoint itself. All of this extends access to your broader knowledge base in support of discovering and leveraging that knowledge in a timely and competitive way.

Benefit from Microsoft Search Engine & Community

RAVN Connect for Microsoft SharePoint builds on the standard [Microsoft] technology rather than replacing it with proprietary search engines and web parts. This way organisations benefit from all the enhancements Microsoft have and continue to make with their search engine as well as accessing the broader Microsoft community for web-part developments and knowledge.

Improved Bandwidth Consumption & Indexing Times

In representative customer tests, RAVN Connect for SharePoint has dramatically improved bandwidth consumption and indexing times. Preview of any content, including that outside of the Microsoft ecosystem, has greatly enhanced user efficiency by cutting the time to assess content compared with opening the original item. Furthermore, the overall hardware estate has been reduced by removing the need for remote SharePoint installations.


Leverage the power of SharePoint Search by extending it to all your non-Microsoft content sources. RAVN’s unifying connectivity layer allows you to index all content into SharePoint Search without the need, time or cost of actually ingesting the items themselves.
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As search-based business applications become the norm, RAVN’s enrichment service provides flexible, powerful content enrichment to support Search solution development and improve content findability.  As a wizard driven solution it hands control and the management of development costs back to the IT department.
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Resolve large or highly distributed architecture challenges with RAVN’s innovative approach. The distributed indexing approach not only resolves the cost and time of dragging large objects across the network, dramatically reducing initial indexing time, but when coupled with distributed preview also improves user efficiency through minimised query latency (delays) and time to preview Enterprise content, irrespective of physical location.
Additionally, for SharePoint 2016 you can embrace hybrid environments and extend on-premise content into the cloud to take advantage of Microsoft Office 365 and Office Delver search capabilities.
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RAVN’s revolutionary approach to architecture and connectivity enables a single centralised index to be constructed, without federation, which by definition will deliver the best overall relevance ranking for Enterprise-wide results. And as an added benefit of our approach to connectivity, architecture and relevance, the overall size of the SharePoint estate can be kept in check, with obvious cost and administration savings.

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Recognising that not all content can or should be included in a single central index, yet wanting to avoid the impact on users of manually collating separate results lists, RAVN Connect for SharePoint provides a dynamic federation capability, which intelligently merges federated and centralised result sets on the fly, producing the best possible consolidated result set.
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Preview of any distributed Enterprise content delivers a slick user experience and dramatically reduces the time to evaluate the relevance of any given item in a result list. Supporting term and hit highlighting, navigation by index and on-the-fly pdf generation amongst a host of other features, RAVN Preview is the only solution you need for previewing all content indexed into SharePoint Search, whether it is hosted in SharePoint or not.

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Web Apps

RAVN Connect for SharePoint incorporates a growing range of web apps for enhancing the user experience and extending functionality, supporting Gartner’s observed trend towards modern solutions becoming increasingly Search-based applications. Our web apps leverage application-specific metadata generated by our advanced enrichment service to enhance the ‘findability’ of content you already knew was there, expose relevant content that was otherwise hidden and to provide point solutions such as page and document level bundling.
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Do you need a safe and secure methodology for migrating content into Microsoft SharePoint? If so, RAVN provides capability in its connectivity framework to not only enrich and index content into the SharePoint Search but at the same time to physically move the item from its original source or application, into SharePoint itself and even replicate the original folder structure in the SharePoint library.

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Security of Enterprise content is a vital consideration. The embedded RAVN Security Server provides a unified, trans-repository security model which respects the security credentials of all Enterprise content, whatever methodologies are in use, including the all important Microsoft SharePoint Groups. Its highly efficient approach eliminates the need for re-indexing should content or user permissions change, ensuring the right content is served only to the right people, without delay or risk.
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Would providing seamless integration with legacy Document Management Systems benefit your organisation? RAVN Connect for Microsoft SharePoint can communicate directly with third party systems, such as the OpenText platforms and others, to deliver the same capability as the native application itself and allowing knowledge workers to efficiently access content without leaving the search interface, yet with full respect of underlying security permissions.

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If you have an interest in Microsoft SharePoint Search then why not join RAVN’s SharePoint User Forum Meetup group to discuss and share ideas.

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Connect for Microsoft SharePoint Case Study

Read our latest customer experience showing how our products have benefited their organisation

    RAVN Manage and RAVN Connect Enterprise supplement our current systems extremely well. With both systems, searches become even more efficient and documents may be retrieved significantly faster than before. The fact that the systems understand how people work together and are able to spot cohesion through entire cases is a real strength in our daily operations. In Bech-Bruun, this is a highly strategic focus area. Moreover, RAVN is a pioneer in the area and we consider this as the first step to full implementation of AI.
    Stefan Winqvist, CIO at Bech-Bruun
    RAVN ACE robot is 10 million times quicker than the manual labour it replaced
    Matthew Whalley, Head of Legal Risk Consultancy, BLP, Legal Futures Event Quote
    Our 'contract robot' can now finish in less than two seconds work which would have taken a team of people 100 days to complete.
    Matthew Whalley, Head of Legal Risk Consultancy at BLP
    RAVN were very good at adapting a technical product and speaking about it in a non-technical way. We explained the problems we were facing and they offered a solution and explained it in an easy-to-understand and user friendly way.
    Victoria Blanchard, Consultant at Berwin Leighton Paisner
    RAVN ACE is the most exciting new development we’ve seen for several years…a true next generation system
    Independent Legal IT Consultant at Inside Legal IT event

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