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High performance preview technology

RAVN Preview delivers high performance, navigable preview technology that supports browser and mobile based viewing, allowing users to review documents more quickly and efficiently. The system converts a full range of document formats to HTML, eliminating the need to launch any external applications to review a search result, allowing organisations to increase productivity. RAVN Preview also allows for highlighting and navigating based on search terms within the body of the previewed document, marking relevant material for quick and easy review.
Preview understands many storage mechanisms and can communicate with local and remote file systems, as well as Document Management systems, with full HTTP support.
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Save Considerable Review Time

Preview converts a full range of document formats to HTML, eliminating the need to launch an external application to review a search result saving considerable review time, allowing you to be faster than the competition.

Improve Accuracy

Gives you the ability to filter and search within documents, which is crucial in improving accuracy of review avoiding irrelevant review.

Reduce Costs

Reduces the resource cost for organisations by needing fewer people to spend time reviewing documentation.

Bandwidth Reduction

RAVN Preview allows you to dramatically improved bandwidth consumption, cost and indexing times.


RAVN Preview is able to mark search terms within the body of the preview, highlighting relevant material for quick and easy review and navigation around the HTML rendered document. All relevant document details are still displayed.

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RAVN Preview handles a large variety of different native file formats, including virtually all commonly used office document types, PDF, email, archives and HTML. By default the document is rendered in HTML, although PDFs and images are also possible for most formats. Additionally RAVN Preview is always able to display the original file through the same interface.

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RAVN’s Preview interface is fully integrated into RAVN Connect Enterprise and Microsoft SharePoint 2013/2016. Seamless connectivity with any technology is possible.

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Asynchronous Loading

Preview technology allows you to start reviewing large documents immediately utilising pale-by-page loading delivering a super-fast and time-saving experience. Also, dynamically generated thumbnails can be displayed in browser result sets to remove the need to even load non-relevant content.
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Latest Case Study

Read our latest customer experience showing how our products have benefited their organisation

    As a trusted adviser and negotiation partner, we wanted to have first hand experience of a leading AI technology so we can advise on how it will change the workplace over the coming years to ensure we’re offering the most appropriate advice to our clients. 
    Ole Møller, Vice President at Djøf
    This technology will bring us a flexible environment that is dedicated to our firm so we can ensure we can look after our clients as efficiently as possible. We chose to collaborate with RAVN as we recognised them as a leading AI provider and wanted their product to be part of the firm’s portfolio. 
    Santiago Gómez Sancha, ICT Director at Uría Menéndez
    For our lawyers, time is very precious and we needed a fast, reliable and accurate search engine that was easily integrated into our existing systems. The team at RAVN proved they could tick all the boxes we required. 
    Flavio Romerio, Partner at Homburger
    The software will read, interpret and extract key provisions from a client’s property lease agreements. This approach is a great supplement to manually laborious processes, and a stand-alone device in relation to certain standardized agreements and will mitigate risk from human errors and inconsistencies. SVW is happy to continue the collaboration with RAVN to further improve the SVW real estate robot. 
    Peter Van Dam, Knowledge and IT Manager at Simonsen Vogt Wiig
    Garrigues are always looking for innovative ways to ensure we are providing the most efficient service to our clients. We chose to work with RAVN as they are leaders in the industry and able to deliver on both our current and future plans. 
    César Mejias, IT Director at Garrigues