There are different areas where businesses can make use of RAVN’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) expertise. Expertise that is built on real-life experience when tackling real issues using our intelligent software systems using Machine Learning (ML) techniques.

As a brief example, our consultants can focus on key issue areas that exist in typical knowledge-worker-heavy organisations.

Document Sets

  • Document clustering: find similar documents and group them in clusters in a scalable way
  • Document classification: assign labels to documents based on previously labelled data, using layout and content analysis


  • Intelligent ordering search results
  • Paragraph classification and text analysis: robots are built to apply past experience and instantly understand the meaning, i.e. obligations
  • Entities extraction: find specific information in the document in real-time, and provide them as individual entities


  • Intelligent ordering search results
  • Understanding meaning of queries to offer relevant suggestions, in the case of auto completion
  • Learning to rank: learning from the past, user behaviour, categorisation, seasonality etc.

Our consultants are experienced and truly enjoy building the most robust ML models trained on real processed data. We pride ourselves to use cutting edge research for text processing, in particular, deep learning (also called recursive neural networks).

AI is quite a generic term, with various meanings, but the most important message that we would like to bring across is that we let the algorithms (models) emerge from the data, by letting the machine discover the sense hidden in it.

This is the fundamental difference between programmatic approach and data science. But data science can only be achieved if you’re experienced enough to program your way to it, and we are proud to say that our clients get the best of both.