RAVN Systems was started by a group of consultants and developers, each with several years’ worth of experience in the Enterprise Search industry. Our team members have previously been employed at some of the largest and most significant technology vendors in the space, including Autonomy Corporation. Close ties, thorough understanding of Autonomy’s wide product range, in particular Enterprise Search and following good business practices make us a trustworthy and reputable provider of Autonomy professional services. Autonomy continues building application sets on top of their Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL). Many businesses find themselves using Autonomy solutions via direct purchases, but more and more businesses are embracing Autonomy as it powers internals of important business applications. Below are some of the benefits from working with RAVN.


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Save Time

Deep technical knowledge that is required to manage Autonomy solutions can cost businesses a lot of time. We have a successful track record of delivering to clients from different verticals.

Make Money

By working with us you won’t waste your time, as you will be able to focus on your business while we focus on your search requirements.

Get Access

Some Autonomy consultancies are a one-man band. RAVN consultants have expertise in implementation of complex IDOL infrastructures in a complete solution life cycle. When you work with us you have the added benefit of engaging the whole of RAVN and a pool of knowledge. Two of our employees were awarded Autonomy Technical Employee of the Year awards.

Minimise Downtime

If your downtime has a direct impact on your revenue stream, it’s crucial that you understand and take care of the heart of your system. RAVN consultants have been working on some of the largest Autonomy software deployments globally. We have what it takes to protect your business.

Protect Your Investment

Autonomy solutions are expensive and you can’t afford not to use them to their full capability. Maximise the potential by fully understanding the capabilities of your software. We’ll work with you to understand your business perspective and deliver the right solution.

Simply Speaking

We know Autonomy products inside-out. Whether you need a health-check, complete architecture setup or some advice, we would love to hear from you.