RAVN has a proved record and intimate expertise designing full Enterprise-level Case Management, EDD (Electronic Data Discovery) & ECA (Early Case Assessment) solutions, to support complex litigation and regulatory investigations. RAVN’s experience, expertise and capabilities in this field are second-to-none. We are and have been involved in some of the world’s largest, most demanding and complex cases. RAVN are experienced in securing and gaining accreditation of up to IL4 for our eDiscovery services.

RAVN’s on the CloudStore

RAVN can provide you with services to support eDiscovery, information management systems and Enterprise content management systems through the Government’s CloudStore.

CloudStore is an easy-to-use online marketplace where cloud-computing suppliers can offer their services to the public sector. Public bodies are also able to review and purchase these services through CloudStore.

The revolutionary CloudStore framework reduces costs and improves efficiencies as it allows users to draw down and pay for RAVN’s services as they are required, rather than requiring expensive and time consuming full tender or completion processes.

Visit RAVN on the Government’s CloudStore website or find out more about RAVN’s service definition on CloudStore.


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Among many technologies and RAVN’s own set of tools, our expertise covers the following vendors: encase, Nuix and HP Autonomy solutions.

Forensically Sound Solutions

Our expertise helps our customers to design forensically sound solutions that allow the most rapid processing, filtering and de-duplication of the vast volumes of electronic data, covering all stages of the eDiscovery process: identification, preservation, collection, processing, review and production.


We have a track record in assisting clients in managing large sets of data and integrating all the different eDiscovery components in a coherent managed system. As part of this integration, we provide migration tools for legacy systems.

Rapid Retrieval and Analysis of Data

RAVN offers the support to filter and de-duplicate large sets of data and process them accordingly to the business rules. This allows our customers to rapidly retrieve and analyse relevant data to assess the feasibility of a particular investigation.

Processing and Normalisation

As part of our data processing tools, RAVN offers migrating both structured and unstructured data. We have a set of processing and normalisation tools to boost the data throughout, easing the data validation and cleansing process. Together with format conversion, automatic metadata extraction and data dependant workflows, we yield higher quality results during the data ingestion/mitigation process.

Production Format Support

RAVN also offers production format support. We have large experience with load files data conversion and normalisation tools to automate the loading of large corpus of data ensuring the data integrity and chain of custody.


RAVN’s intimate knowledge of the reviewing process allows our customers to design the best review process and data flows across their review teams, in order to increase the ability to quickly and efficiently review content in both linear and non-linear approach.

Alerting and Reporting

Finally we also offer alerting and reporting tools to overlook the systems health providing high level of response to the support teams, ease of management and the integration with internal management tools.