With the introduction of a powerful search engine as standard in SharePoint 2013 and 2016; search is becoming an increasingly important infrastructure for surfacing information in Enterprises.
RAVN Systems have years of experience in the area of SharePoint Search and have experts that are purely focused on this area. Not only do RAVN provide products to enhance your Microsoft SharePoint environments but also offer consultancy services for all your SharePoint needs and are the essential ingredient for the successful implementation of SharePoint 2013 and 2016 Search projects.

RAVN Systems can assist you in architecting Enterprise-level solutions built on top of Microsoft’s SharePoint platform that can complement and extend the existing Search infrastructure. Our consultants can unlock SharePoint 2013 extensive search capabilities and provide you with tools and knowledge that will bring a massive improvement on standard SharePoint 2013 functionality. Reduce the amount of effort and add value to the architecture you already own.


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RAVN understands the design, performance and capacity limits of the SharePoint server and can assist and lead projects in order to accommodate your requirements by having those boundaries in mind.

Protect Your Investment

SharePoint solutions are expensive and you can’t afford not to use them to their full capability. Maximise the potential by fully understanding the capabilities of your software. We’ll work with you to understand your business perspective and deliver the right solution.

Increase Functionality

Allow our consultants to increase your functionality of SharePoint Search without having to use custom code. We can extend out of the box standard features and unlock the potential of a capable search engine within SharePoint server in order to create a truly powerful and user friendly experience.


How do you choose between having Microsoft SharePoint on-premises, hosting it on the Azure platform or going with Office 365? The choices are growing and we understand that it’s not an all or nothing approach. Hybrid technologies allow you to retain Enterprise data in your data centre while choosing other services elsewhere. You have options and we are here to help.


It is not an all or nothing approach when it comes to SharePoint, and it’s the same for RAVN’s products and services. Either a fully-featured RAVN Connect for SharePoint solution or simply pick and choose the right tools. We can help you bring down barriers to finding information.


RAVN ensures your migration process runs as smoothly as possible to reduce time and minimise stress to your organisation. With significant new capabilities of the RAVN Connect platform, we are in a perfect position to assist you to manage more of your Enterprise’s core business data within your existing search infrastructure. We are the essential ingredient for the successful implementation of SharePoint Search projects.