RAVN provides a variety of support levels for newly implemented or existing Enterprise Content Management and Search implementations. In addition to supporting our own software and technical implementations, we have several clients who have engaged with us to provide a high level of support on legacy Search infrastructure.

The benefits that we provide is a focus not only on the service merely functioning, but also a focus on best practices and advice on how to fulfil search requirements at a business level. RAVN will actively commit its vast experience and resources to solve particular requirements in the most efficient manner.

No Worries

RAVN works with customers to understand their long-term goals in order to provide a Solution Support, which can be a no-worries, value-add option that ensures customers get the most out of their Search (Autonomy, Solr, RAVN Search) investment.

Our service goes beyond issue resolution, architecture decision assistance, upgrade help, a direct dedicated communication link and communication with vendors on your behalf.

Customers have come to rely on our unbiased and highly knowledgeable guidance when new or existing requirements need a solution.

Customer Support

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