Today, we are surrounded by expanding volumes of data from a number of sources and more than ever, the challenge is in navigating through these complex Big Data sets and finding the information that is important or valuable from the surrounding sea of irrelevance. And in a fast-changing world, there is an increasing trend towards achieving this on a dynamically changing data set, where efficiency is key in driving competitive advantage or alerting to potential issues; in short, to provide a rapid Time to Understanding.

Whether it is static or dynamic, RAVN has applied its expertise in the field of Unstructured Data to provide Business Intelligence and Big Data exploration capabilities on unstructured Big Data.

Successful Big Data projects tend to be driven by business need and once that is clearly identified, it is often more about the complexity of the data sets and correlations between them than the sheer volumes. Test the hypothesis against the data sets to prove the value and then scale it as appropriate.

RAVN’s products eliminate the fundamental obstacles facing conventional Enterprise Search solutions by ensuring you make the most of Big Data.

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Find the value in Big Data with RAVN’s technology:


Mitigate risk and storage costs with semantic Enterprise information governance.

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Automatically distil key information from documents, adding structure to otherwise unstructured data sets.

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