Our revolutionary Enterprise Search solutions incorporate next generation search technology, such as Enterprise Graph Search and entity based search. We apply our Power of Understanding approach to create structure, make sense of and gain value and competitive advantage from the explosive growth in unstructured information, including documents, emails, multimedia and social media. In the Enterprise, search fundamentally differs from internet search techniques, where relevance rather than popularity is most important. RAVN has distinct Enterprise Search technology that recognise that the page rank algorithms used extensively in internet-based Search solutions are not as effective for Enterprise content.

See RAVN’s Enterprise Search technology:

Knowledge Graph®

Harnesses the power of RAVN Core to visualise the interrelations in the entire information corpus, allowing users to traverse, explore and re-use the built up experience of the Enterprise. Optionally, we can also incorporate corporate social networking into the Enterprise Search platform, to enhance the information set, provide expertise locator services and to complement the traditional contents with captured tacit knowledge.

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Connect for Microsoft SharePoint

For those customers who wish to pursue a Microsoft SharePoint 2013 or 2016 based strategy, we harness the SharePoint Search engine and extend it beyond the Microsoft ecosystem to effectively and efficiently make the platform true universal Enterprise Search, seamlessly providing discoverability and access to the content, irrespective of original source content and without the need to ingest it into SharePoint, at considerable cost.

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Connect Enterprise

Based upon our RAVN Core indexing technology, is a next generation hybrid Enterprise Search technology that uniquely brings together the benefits of full text indexing and searching, with a schemaless object store and a graph database. Whilst RAVN Connect Enterprise delivers against all the traditional Enterprise Search requirements, it also empowers those organisations which want to be able to go beyond that and have entity-based searching and horizontal traversal (search and discovery) across the information corpus.

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Benefits of RAVN’s Enterprise Search Technology

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Connecting To and Unifying Diverse Content Repositories

Surfacing Unified Results in Meaningful Ways

Relevance Ranking

Enterprise Scale Content Security

Enterprise Search Technology
These Enterprise Search solutions leverage our connectivity layer, RAVN Pipeline and RAVN Security Enterprise security module.

RAVN Pipeline: enables flexible, extensible connectivity to a multitude of content sources. RAVN Pipeline is a full ETL (Extraction, Transformation & Load) technology, which provides a structured mechanism for enriching content as it is extracted and indexed, for example, automatically extracting entities or automatically applying taxonomy metadata.

RAVN Security: delivers trans-repository security, so no matter what combination of security models are deployed within the Enterprise, including Active Directory, LDAP, SharePoint groups or any custom security policy, they are all fully respected at query time.


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