Knowledge Graph – Innovation in Search

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RAVN’s Knowledge Graph® technology unlocks the potential from within your knowledge base, surfacing the information you knew was there but more importantly, exposing the hard-won and potentially valuable content of which you were unaware.

Traversing Enterprise Content

RAVN’s Knowledge Graph® is the technology that powers an innovative approach to discovering information in an organisation. It not only finds relevant information in real time but also enables you to explore hidden relationships in the all the information that is available across your organisation’s knowledge pool.
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Clarify, Classify, Link

RAVN’s Knowledge Graph® technology, powered by the RAVN Core engine, analyses the entire corpus of information within your organisation, irrespective of the silos in which it might reside and is able to automatically identify relationships between different types of content and determine the nature of those relationships. For example, it can discover that in contractual type documents, the names of clients are mentioned and from that, create a relationship with the CRM system entry for that client and all the support tickets opened by the client. It might also pull up financial records for that client, without the user even having to ask for it. Essentially RAVN’s Knowledge Graph® technology tries to provide answers to questions the user may not yet have realised they need answering, as well as helping the users to explore the broader, peripheral information to support better informed and more efficient decision making.
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Knowledge Graph® in Action


An example in the rich media sector sees Knowledge Graph® identifying guests that appeared on a popular US late night television show, classifying them, appending supporting information about each of them from external sources and showing the inter-relationships between the guests. This enabled the client to quickly discover from thousands of hours of video content, parallel threads and similarities between individuals that had been on the show, both for research purposes but also to support the commercial operation selling portions of the show to their customers.

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Knowledge Nodes

Every knowledge element in your Enterprise, including conventional documents, people, clients, rich media files, concepts, categories, discussion threads and so on, are treated as ‘knowledge nodes’. The Knowledge Graph® technology establishes the explicit and implicit links between these nodes. The Knowledge Graph® can create taxonomies from these relationships, but can also classify and organise all the data within an organisation and piece together the relationships between people, content, concepts and categories, news items and opportunities, allowing you to surface and link results in a multitude of ways, including pictorially, which enables users to navigate and explore the information in an entirely new way.

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Graphical Visualisation

RAVN’s Knowledge Graph® technology can be visualised using different navigation tools. Exploring data in a graph can bring back results the user did not expect or answers questions a user never thought of asking. The results can also be displayed in the search result set, by showing all the information that is known about a certain knowledge node. E.g. in the rich media case mentioned above, starting with Ronald Reagan, the Knowledge Graph® technology can display the interrelationships between presidents, assassinations or attempts on public figures such as Martin Luther King Jr  and from there, links to other inspirational people such as Nelson Mandela, all of whom appeared on the show during its long history.

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Graph Based Search


Because Knowledge Graph® is built on the unique RAVN Core technology, it is possible to construct human-readable complex queries that combine graph-based and full text search terms, for example, find “Documents which include a customer name field where the customer brings in more than £1 million of revenue and are located in London”.

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Benefits of RAVN’s Knowledge Graph

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Client-Centric View

Provides a client-centric view of information held in a plethora of content sources, powering a responsive client-facing customer experience.

Identify Hidden Opportunities

Delivering a business development perspective by identifying potential opportunities within your existing or targeted clients, based on real-time analysis of latest news and industry activity, that you otherwise might have missed or been beaten to by a competitor.

Linking Records

Supporting Human Resource assessments through efficiently collating and linking records to provide employee-centric views.

Knowledge Management

Enabling Enterprise-wide Knowledge Management through a more dynamic method of browsing and navigating the entire knowledge base, to quickly get to the right people at the right time, making the difference between winning and coming a close second.

Collaboration and Networking

Promotes Enterprise-wide collaboration and networking.

Improves Efficiency

Provides rapid, efficient and visualised navigation of the entire knowledge base and if you don’t have the answer it efficiently shows you who is in “the know”.