Discover what you didn’t already know with RAVN’s Knowledge Management technology. The implementation of Knowledge Management technology plays an essential part in any information intensive business that relies on capturing and sharing its hard-won knowledge and experience to exploit competitive advantage. The challenge is how to achieve this. Organisations that embrace a top-down strategy to Knowledge Management can truly capitalise on the benefits that can be derived from a modern solution.

See RAVN’s Knowledge Management technology:

Connect Enterprise

Advanced Enterprise Search and Knowledge Management.

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Knowledge Graph

Explore the hidden relationships in your organisation.

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Benefits of Knowledge Management Technology

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Quick and Easy

Make it quick and easy to access the information and learned experience you need to do your job efficiently.


Help you discover what you didn’t know you already knew.

Competitive Advantage

Turn your unstructured data into actionable, on-demand information that can underpin your firm’s competitive advantage.

Support Continued Growth

Capture valuable tacit knowledge and by doing so, support continued growth and sustainability.