Microsoft’s SharePoint Search, similar to RAVN’s Connect Enterprise product,  enables users to find relevant information quickly and efficiently. Microsoft SharePoint Search is a very capable content collaboration platform and now with Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Search fully embedded, the search capability is a major advance over previous versions. However, there can be some limitations especially for Enterprises operating with content from outside the Microsoft ecosystem.

Enterprise Search solutions, such as Microsoft SharePoint can be vital to your organisation to ensure your Enterprise can find the most relevant information when they need it most.

See how RAVN can help you maximise your SharePoint Search potential:

Connect for Microsoft SharePoint

Connect SharePoint into the broader non-Microsoft ecosystem, safely, securely and cost effectively.

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Monitors and alerts on the health of your Microsoft SharePoint Search solution.

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SharePoint Search Consultancy

Contact us to see how our Microsoft SharePoint 2013 & 2016 Search experts can help you.

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